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New build Yachts Management

Building a custom yacht is a long term project and a major investment. Camper & Nicholsons teams work very closely with the world’s leading builders, designers, naval architects, captains and suppliers to ensure their clients’ complete satisfaction.

It is therefore critical that the right team is selected for your specific needs and a good broker will serve as an invaluable liaison between the client and the shipyard, keeping the yard informed about decisions and requirements on behalf of the owner and maintaining the balance between both parties.

Camper & Nicholsons teams work alongside all parties involved, supervising every project throughout its entire build to ensure that the yacht delivered adheres not only to contractual specifications, but to the owner’s expectations.

They will provide you with measured advice on the construction of a yacht, taking you through the different types, sizes and materials available, while also explaining the financial and legal aspects of a new build.

Brokers: an essential link

A broker is a valuable liaison between client and yard, serving to keep the yard informed about decisions and requirements on behalf of the owner.
He also serves as a buffer to keep the balance of the owner’s team and the yard on an even keel in even the inevitably trying times.

Supervision skills

A broker’s experience in the industry and in practical application on the water can be incorporated into the development of a custom project, from the exterior styling and deck layouts to interior arrangements, ensuring good flow through the yacht, storage and service areas, machinery spaces, etc.

Technical experience

From extensive yachting and brokerage experience, a broker is familiar with the equipment and systems, to the degree that he/she can guide a specification development in the best direction for his/her client.

The right network

Years of experience gives a broker the ability to introduce specialists into a project on behalf of the client as their specific services are required, from independent naval architects to electrical, refrigeration/air conditioning, hydraulics, acoustical engineers…… On the same thought, the broker’s interaction with designers in the industry gives him/her the knowledge to help to recommend a designer to a client who will complement the project and be compatible with the client.

Market knowledge

Thanks to experience with all kinds of brokerage yachts, plus hundreds of thousands of miles of travel, a broker knows the yards around the world, including their strengths and weaknesses. In this regard, a well informed decision can be made as to where to send bid packages and where to ultimately build.

Added value

Last but not least, an experienced broker has a knowledge of what sells and what adds value to a yacht.  These lessons, including very good, successful projects and familiarity with unsuccessful projects, give the broker the ability to positively contribute to the project.

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